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Nowadays, the phrase scenic Nhan Mountain – Da River has become a symbol of Phu Yen and Nhan Tower was recognized as architectural monuments – National Arts grant by Ministry of Culture and Information. Every year on the occasion of Tet, Nhan Mountain organized many cultural activities, art, entertainment. Especially, on the full moon of the first lunar month every year, it takes place the of “Lunar New Year” poetry night that attracted many artists and foreigner visitors with Vietnam visa near and far. Tan Thanh Lake, also known as Da Ong Lake, is located in the northern of Lan Gioi commune, Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province. In recent years, under the hand of human, Da Ong Lake will become a interesting excursion point.
Da Ong Lake is the junction between the two districts, as Tan Yen and Yen The. With a capacity of 6.38 million cubic meters, the basin area of 10km2, the lake can irrigate 835 hectares of arable land, supply enough water to the communes of Tan Yen and Yen The district. Mr. Dao Duy Lich, the chairman of the Lan Gioi commune People’s Committee said that: “Due to the demand of the water supply and the construction, upgrading campus Da Ong Lake just to the socio-economic development of communes and districts, has formed natural tourist attraction, so the authorities, organizations are always interested in promoting this strength”. Routes in Da Ong Lake and embankments and dams system are upgraded, the site, the floating island and greening works complementary culture.
Guests can visit the natural ecological zones in the vast space of the blue lake water under blue sky, watching the sunset with her young co-led the buffalo herds the true charm and romance. Guests can indulge inside the leisure fishing rod floating on the lake, gathered around the fire, enjoy these items made by them. Reef is the cliffs adjacent to the riverbank or seashore. On the Central Coast have a lot of reefs, but probably unique and most beautiful to mention Da Dia Reef that located at hamlet 6, An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district. This is indeed a rare sight of nature.The stone columns have a hexagonal cross section or circular like a casserole dish. Due to this characteristic, it was renamed Da Dia Reef. You can book a room with best hotels in Vietnam to stay and visit here.
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