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The meaning of yellow chrysanthemum in the New Year
On Tet holiday, there are many kinds of flowers for people to decorate the house such as apricot flowers, peach blossoms, ... but maybe yellow chrysanthemum is the most used during this Tet holiday. Wearing a simple color but equally beautiful as other flowers. With its vibrant yellow color, along with its soothing aroma, yellow chrysanthemums will give your home a refreshing space. Not only that, yellow chrysanthemums bring joy, luck, fortune and joy to your home. Chrysanthemum yellow is also a symbol of longevity, nobility, filial piety of grandchildren, grandparents and parents, so this plant is often like a gentleman. Because of that, yellow daisies are on display many times during Tet. view more : y nghia cua hoa cuc vang trong ngay tet va trong tinh nguong van hoa cua nguoi viet
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