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What is Rise of Kingdoms?

Rise of Kingdoms places you in control of your growing empire. As governor, you will be liable for expanding your city's military might, unlocking a lot of new technology on the way.

The game starts you off slowly with a simple tutorial. To begin with, you can choose from among eight civilizations; Rome, Britain, France, Spain, Korea, Japan, and Germany. You are walked through building your first farm, recruitment your very first hero, and taking out some regional barbarians.

As soon as you're awarded the reins yourself, you're free to expand your empire all on your own. By managing your resources, your army, and your budding inhabitants, you're going to be going head to head with other major civilizations right away.

With any plan game, understanding the mechanisms is crucial. Rise of Kingdoms utilizes a very simple set of rules to provide a great pocket plan game.

There are 4 basic tools in Rise of Kingdoms; meals, wood, stone, and stone. Every one of them are quite intuitive, with new units requiring food, military improvements using wood, and protection upgrades requiring rock. Important improvements like your city's walls frequently require all of 3.

Gems will be the game's electronic currency, allowing you instantly improve updates. You start off with a generous 300 gems but can purchase more if you want to later.

You will earn resources by collecting them from the farms, sawmills, and quarries, and by finishing quests. After a time, you will be making tens of thousands of food and wood components per hour, letting you expand your city even more.

Building requires funds, an available builder, and time. The more important the upgrade, the further time and resources required. This offers you a lot of breathing room afterwards in the game to handle your increasingly complex culture.

The most significant construction in this game is your city hall. You can keep upgrading your bicycles and academies, but you will not have the ability to update them to a higher degree than your town hall. As you raise the city hall's degree, you will continually unlock more buildings and components for your civilization.

There are 3 types of buildings at Rise of Kingdoms. Fiscal structures like academies or quarries are for developing your empire. Military buildings like stables and Target ranges let you construct your military might. And lastly, aesthetic buildings are there merely to create your civilization look as cool as possible.

The combat of the game is simple. You choose your goal on the map, select which hero you wish to lead your troops, and see them take care of the remainder. The animations are simple, but the feeling of success is satisfying.

You're given a score that combines all of your components, and that determines the battle's outcome. Although this might be too easy for some players, the game's online play creates the battle far more enjoyable.

Once you've completed the tutorial, you will be thrown into a world of other online players. You'll be able to see their towns, create alliances with attack them. You're also vulnerable to attack, and therefore you need to build up your town's
defenses straight away.

The game gives you a grace period of 8 hours before you can be attacked, so use that opportunity to develop your military power. By finishing quests, choosing out barbarians, and forging alliances, you will quickly have impenetrable abilities.

Working with different players makes battle even more pleasurable. Call on your friends for help in case you're being assaulted. The easy combat works perfectly with the online component.

Rise of Kingdoms is a fantastic mobile strategy game. By combining a very simple source system, timer-based construction, and great online play, gamers will feel as true kings as they develop their empire.

Regardless of the flaws with animation and battle, Rise of Kingdoms provides players a great casual approach experience. Checking in on your time to accumulate resources is gratifying. Spending a couple of minutes slaying some barbarians allows you to feel powerful. Most gamers may find something they enjoy about this game.

More: https://riseofkingdoms.com/download/
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