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CWI Hosting Likes The Following

Content Actually Exports: Content can be exported as static HTML pages for use in a non-database-driven website, something we wish more CMS solutions would do!

WYSIWYG Editing: Xopus, BXE and Kupu have been integrated into Lenya.

Workflow Areas: Lenya differentiates between Admin, Authoring, Staging and Live area. Steps are logged for auditing purposes.
Version Control: Reserved CheckIn?/CheckOut?, and Unlimited Rollback are integrated.
Search: Apache Lucene has been integrated into Lenya, a nice full text search engine.

Multi-server deployment: Lenya can be deployed across multiple servers, each server being assigned unique capabilities. One server could be set up for Authoring and one for live deployment of the published site, learn more about servers at https://host4geeks.com/blog/how-do-servers-work/ . OK, you caught us, we are just trying to sell more servers, no really .it does.
We expect Lenya to become the number one Java CMS, and it is very promising in its future capability. CWIhosting.com has pioneered private JVM.s for shared hosting for over 9 years. It.s only natural with our

Java Hosting

experience, that Lenya fits right at home here, as just one of our offerings and support features to java developers. Lenya can be used on any build your own hosting plan that you have selected JSP for or installed on any of our Linux

Dedicated Solutions

Being the security conscious company we are, we really like Lenya.s security aspects as well. Once you are up and running, you can use Lenya.s advanced security features to help protect your newly developed site. Using the built in tools you can control access by IP ranges, use an LDAP server for authentication, or restrict areas of your site to members of a group or individually. All pages of your Lenya project can be secured through a dedicated SSL certificate for further security, and because you can get one right here at CWI for just $60/year, why not add the SSL encryptions? There are so many other useful features, with a nice site content management view, but if you haven.t already tried it, you.ll just have to try it yourself. Though already capable as is, if you are looking to build your own custom system and solution, we would recommend Lenya as a good starting point. While other options are available, their flexibility pales in comparison.
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