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WordPress? started in 2003. Generally because the advancement on a currently prominent blogging software b2/cafelog was stopped by their primary developers.

Two enthusiastic customers of b2/cafelog, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, chose to develop a brand-new system on top of b2/cafelog. This is how WordPress? was first released on 27th May, 2003. Discover more concerning the beginning story of WordPress? in our article on the background of WordPress?.

Ever since, there has been a lot of WordPress? launches. In this write-up, we will highlight the ones that presented a huge modification in WordPress user interface settings.

The landing page of WordPress? 0.71 admin panel was straight the compose message web page. As you can see there was no control panel.

Attributes were very limited, and it was maintained basic. You might only designate one category per article. This version of WordPress? had a tiresome setup technique where you would certainly have to alter a great deal of information by hand.

Starting this version, WordPress? started calling its major launches after Jazz artists. As you can see this release was named after a popular musician, Miles Davis.

In this variation, WordPress? quit using the b2 file structure and approached its very own design of filing structure. New functions consisted of several category selection, SEO friendly URL framework, comment small amounts, new installer, and also numerous various other renovations.

Named after Charles Mingus, WordPress? 1.2 was a significant launch. One of the most crucial upgrades in this variation was the introduction of WordPress speed optimization plugins.

Various other remarkable changes were Below groups, custom-made areas, thumbnail creation, article preview, encrypted passwords, as well as the capacity to ping more than one solution at a time.

This variation of WordPress? was named after Billy Strayhorn. It showed the initial peek of a new control panel design. It really did not utilize Ajax and also was method slower than the WordPress? we make use of today.

One more substantial attribute was the introduction of web pages along side articles, allowing individuals to create static pages that were not part of their blog. This launch additionally included support for mounting numerous themes in a single WordPress? installation.
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