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How To Choose Best AC For You

With the arrival of the hot summer in the country, most of the people start to check out various models and brands of the coolers and air conditioners in a bid to beat the heat of the season. There are many types of air conditioners in the market for the benefits of the customers such as window ac, commercial ac and split ac. Most of the air conditioner models, which are available in the market, have latest features such as touch pad or remote control, a built in timer and digital display. But, there are some differences such as noise and the rate of cooling. Also, you need to check some more factors to purchase the best air conditioner for your home and offices.

The Size of the Best AC

The size of the best ac, whether it is split ac or commercial ac should be just right and should be able to cool the room thoroughly. If the size of the ac is too small, the room may be able to become cool. But, if the ac is too big in size, the room becomes cool before the removal of the lingering moisture. The result of this will be that the room will be clammy and cool which is not good for health.

Check the Noise Level

The noise level is also an important factor for consideration. The best models of the air conditioners are very quiet when they are functioning. At that time, the only thing which the customer can hear is the running of the fan. But, the noise of some air conditioners can disturb the light sleeper even when they are on the low.

The Location of Window ac

The best use of a good air conditioner also depends upon the location of the installation. This is due to the fact that actually does better when they blow the air in one direction. In a room, the best air conditioner functions well when it directs the air to the central part of the room.


When you are looking to purchase the best AC in the market, you should check the period of their warranty. The best ac has a longer warranty than the other acs. You should also check the website of the manufacturer on the internet for different brands and the warranty of the models.
Use of Electricity Units

The last but not the least important factor is the volume of the electricity units in ac. When you are checking different brands and models, you should also check the use of electricity units in every model. Otherwise, when you will purchase the air conditioner for your premises, you may end up with the exorbitant electricity bills.

Read this AC buying guide before you choose any AC in India.