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In the early twenty first century where the world is already moving with the speed of light and global warming has overtaken the environment, surviving your fitness has become a challenging task. Doesn’t matter what color, caste, creed or age you are, fitness is the first goal required to achieve every other goal. Also, sustaining a job has now become more stressful than before which ultimately affects your fitness level. So here we are, with a discussion to help you maintain your fitness and build your muscles using steroids.

Muscle growth using steroids depends not only on how intense your workout is, but how healthy your diet is and how much nutrients your diet includes. A steroid cycle varies from person to person and is not the same for all. Different nutrients required by your body in their right proportion make your healthy diet. Another major factor to consider in muscle growth is the intensity of your workout.

Muscle Building is a time consuming process which requires a highly dedicated vigorous work-out as well as a perfectly balanced healthy diet. Hitting the gym on a routine basis and consuming a high protein diet is just not enough for bodybuilding. Buddy !! You need more than this.

How to Start?

The best thing about our body is, you can mould it in whatever shape you want to and when you can, then why not the best. Be it a bulky body like hulk or a ripped body like spiderman that you aim for, you need to understand the basics of gymming, exercise, bodybuilding and making your balanced diet.

Hulk and spiderman are two opposite poles and as opposite their bodies are. You cannot be both at the same time. It is a well-known fact that winters are for gaining muscles and summers are for getting ripped. In winter, our body tends to lose much less energy and sweating is less, which maintains a good amount of fat or mass in our body. On the contrary, in summer, our body loses a considerable amount of energy and sweating is more, which reduces the amount of fat in the body and burns more calories. So next time when you lift those heavy weights in the gym or stress yourself to high cardio, have in mind these important facts.

Bulking up – Is there any misconception?

The term Bulking Up is sometimes misconceptualized with either by eating the whole or unnecessarily increasing repetitions of your exercise. Making this mistake either leads you to gain fat or to develop an injury or sometimes both but whatever be, path to your goal is hampered.

Immature or novice gym lovers and bodybuilders start eating for the whole day, consuming more calories thinking it would get them bulk faster and in an effective manner but it proves to be an absolute mistake. They not only end up with extra fat in their body but also become lazier than before. Bodybuilding is something which requires time, knowledge, effort and baby steps. The reason we say baby steps over here is just how a baby learns to stand, walk and take steps, same is what you are supposed to do. Increase calories in your diet but provided with the condition that it should be gradual and proportional to your workout. Increase your workout with a single rep each day and a new exercise every two or four week and your protein and calories accordingly.

Useful tips for Bulking up

Bulking up is not synonym to eating the whole day but it means eating the right food at right time. Here are some points you can consider to get a bulk :-

  •  Add more calories in your diet :-
Try to add a few more calories in your diet i.e. you need to eat more than you normally do, provided that whatever you consume is healthy and lists on your diet chart. You can also refer to various tools that are available online for the calculation of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which may help you in increasing the calories in a controlled amount. One thing you must not forget is that when you are increasing the calories, you have to burn them to produce energy or else they will start to store in your body in the form of fat, which means you are now becoming fatter than bulky. It is essential to know the right amount of calories that your body requires normally. Suppose, if your body needs to consume 2500 calories in a day, then you can add 200-300 calories more to your daily diet but doing more than that would get you an out-shaped fatty body.

  •  Come out of your comfort zone :-
Firstly, it is a must to realize what your current potential is. Based on that, increase the lifting weight gradually. Increasing weight results in sudden shock to your muscles which results in muscle growth on a higher than normal after recovery. Moreover, it will also push your strength to another level. This is so because, lifting the same weights daily would hinder the muscle growth as the muscles would get stiff if the shock of same intensity is applied every day.

  •  You can’t avoid a little fat gain :-
Well, gaining a little amount of fat is absolutely normal and quite obvious while you are in bulking mode. All you need to focus on is to burn those calories as much as you can. You have to compromise with that lean shape and that high endurance, otherwise, bulking is not your cup of tea.

  •  Can’t eat much? Go & get a Mass Gainer :-
Not everyone has plenty of time to sit for hours and eat a plate full of protein and that too from different course meal. Well, not to worry if you are one among those busy birds, market is full of esteemed brands Mass Gainers manufactured only for you. Mass Gainer offers a high amount of protein which is in fact higher than what you can consume from your daily diet. This is the reason you must have seen your bodybuilder friend carrying one in his bag or your trainer recommending you one. Moreover, many people are not able to eat much due to their metabolism, hence, mass gainer can be a good option for them.

  •  Increase the amount of protein in your daily diet :-
You must have studied that proteins are the building blocks of our lives. It is one of the most important nutrients for muscle growth in our body. Increasing the amount of protein would get you achieve the Bulk in a comparatively shorter period of time and your energy level will also soar up. You can also buy a protein powder or mass gainer to get a sufficient amount of protein and not worrying about heavy eating. It is said that if your body weight is 65 Kg, then, you should consume at least 110-120 Grams of protein every day.

Bulk or Ripped ?? – Bulk First Rip Second

Well, who doesn’t want to have that ripped and lean body with perfect cuts and a good amount of bulk. If you are also one of those die hard fans of The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), you not only need to focus on your workout but also in what style you do it. Indeed, it can be achieved with a disciplinary diet and regular work-out. It is a step by step process that needs absolute dedication and patience at the same time. So don’t get confused whether you should focus on bulk or you should go for developing those cuts first. As a matter of fact, bulking is the very first process and this is so because when your body has sufficient amount of mass, then, cutting would be more defined and clearer. Thus, you should go for bulking first provided that it should be in accordance to your BMI (Body Mass Index). Once, you are done with bulking, then comes the cutting part.
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