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Painting exhibitions showcase everything from impressionist art to modern art and display a wide variety in themes and subjects. Such kinds of art enjoy wide popularity among art lovers and buyers. These can be found in varied styles, and often make a strong commentary on contemporary society and people. Find out about 5 of the main styles of painting that are featured in painting exhibitions in world.

Realism Paintings

In this kind of style, paintings are created in such a way that they look life-like. In contrary to abstract art, these have subjects chosen from real life, and it is neither glorified nor romanticized. The subject looks real from a distance but when viewed from near the entire thing is revealed to be an illusion which is skillfully created with the help of tone, paint and color. Artists use perspective with skill and creativity to achieve an illusion of depth and space, and set lighting and composition in a way that makes the subject look as closer to life as possible.

Diamond Painting

This new form of painting is gaining popularity because of the fact that it can be practiced by anyone without major skills. Platforms like colorelaxation are offering a variety of painting kits for the users to select from different paintings and create their own beautiful masterpieces with the help of diamonds.

Abstract Paintings

These paintings are frequently inspired by life and religion, and express feelings with complete freedom. There is complete liberty with the choice of lines, composition, shapes or hues. If an abstract painting has to be created original, it has to showcase objects unrelated to the real word and unassociated to urban scenes and landscapes. In the majority of cases, such things are reflected with abstract shapes, impulsive lines and paint sprinkles. Large scale abstract paintings happen to be livelier and bolder, and can liven up the ambience of any place.

Photorealistic Paintings

Photorealism came first during the '60s and '70s, and arose as a response to the Abstract Expressionism movement which had been there since the 1940s. The style involves copying photographs onto canvases, and capturing all the details in an accurate way. Hyper Realism, Super Realism and Sharp Focus Realism come from photorealism, and many such paintings can be seen in painting exhibitions in world.

Still Life Paintings

Still life paintings have been popular for the longest time, and are mainly used for showing different natural objects, from plants to animals to humans. These showcase natural objects in a very detailed way, and depict them in a life-like form. Many of these paintings are integrated with subtle symbolism - to make objects depicted in the paintings appear closer to life and more realistic in form. Still life paintings often depict apparently unrelated objects, in order to achieve striking effects. The objects might apparently seem unrelated, but have some association which is depicted through the paintings.

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