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Jelly Puzzle Up – The Three-in-a-row Candy Game

Have you ever wanted to take the goodness of jelly, candies, sugar and sweets and put them into a three-in-a-row game? With Jelly Puzzle Up, you can.

There’s no need to learn about what needs to be done or what the best method of playing is, you’re going to be putting shapes up in a simple, yet addictive game, matching what needs to be filled.

How To Play

1. Simply drag the blocks to move them.
2. Arrange the blocks to fit them all in the grid frame.
3. Blocks can't be rotated.
5. Be careful of the blockades
4. No time limits.


* Addictive and irresistible match 3 gameplay
* Enjoy more than 100 levels of thrilling fun
* Well-designed UI and cool effects
* Simple and fun to start, yet challenging to master
* Play anywhere and anytime
* Completely free to play.
* No wifi needed
* Simple and attractive
* Automatically saved and you can replay it
* No time limits
* Good for relaxing
* Saved high score
* Easy to play but hard to master
* Super game music and sound.

Download now on Play Store
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