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Make Your Walls Alive With Tapestries

Tapestries were very popular in the late 1800's. Being part of the interior design tapestries represented much charm and elegance. The wealthiest American aristocracy followed many features used in European styles in which wall tapestries were applied in estate homes and castles.

Nowadays, people continue looking for unique and individualized ways and methods of decorating their houses. Doing this they are longing to reflect their individuality, sense of style and good taste. Today, a trippy tapestry is considered to be a sophisticated replacement of a framed painting or an oil canvas. The contemporary wall tapestries are made with the usage of high quality art, decorative hardware options and exclusive textures. Besides, these wall decorations prove to be extremely beautiful and durable.

Generally speaking, a tapestry is an ancient form of art that was woven on a loom-Egyptian mummies many years ago. Usually, the mummies were buried in tapestries. The tapestries of the highest quality are made by hand. The tapestries offer numerous possibilities of texture, style and color which will immediately attract other people's attention. A good tapestry has a beautiful and unique decor and can be really used for decorating a wall in the modern homes which have high ceilings and a lot of open space.

The need for tapestries has evolved many years ago. Since that time mankind has got acquainted with the main functions of this kind of decoration. If earlier tapestries were particularly appreciated for their artistic or decorative features, later these functions were replaced by more practical uses which consist mainly in the protection of people living in the walls of cold castles. This was the main use of tapestries in the Middle Ages. Today, there're many uses of tapestries.
Choose from Different Tapestry Options!
Some bright pillows and warm chenille tapestry on a sofa or bed will offer you warmth and personal style to your room. As a result, your simple dining room table covered with a tapestry runner made of wool, synthetic fibers, silk, or cotton will turn into a completely new furnishing in your room. And a sleek fireplace without a mantel will become the central point in your room only due to the six foot long tapestry, especially if it has a modern or rustic design.

Buying a tapestry consider the style of hardware especially if you wish to emphasize its location on a wall. You can also find cast iron sets with rods, brackets and finials available in different finish colors, including bronzed wood, gold leaf, or flat black. It's necessary only to hang the tapestry close to the wall with the help of decorative solid brass hooks.