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India Vs New Zealand CWC19 Semi-Final Preview: Playing XI and Key Battles to Watch Out For

Except for the fact that Kohli is now the leader of a nonchalant Indian side - bold and brave and functions in his mould. Meanwhile, Williamson is still trying to break through the shadows of a long-gone Brendon McCullum?. The 28-year-old, however, can do so with a victory. New Zealand’s dodgy record in semi-finals (1/7) presents him with an opportunity to rub-off the ‘semi-finals champion’ tag and move beyond obscurity – perhaps lift their maiden World Cup title and reach grandeur – but beyond India, waits greatness.

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India though remains unperturbed by the big occasion. The days of nervousness and hysterics have bounced over and out. The men in blue will be playing their seventh semi-final in eight ICC tournaments. They finished top of the points table and other than a blip against England, India had everything in their tank to destroy the opponent – be it Bumrah’s irreplaceable yorkers or Shami’s soaring opening spells and Rohit’s glorious hundreds or Pandya’s short bursts of magnificence.
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