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Thousands of people upload and share their videos at Youtube.com every day. If you are an active user on Youtube may be you want to upload your video as well. Making a Youtube video is not that complicated, with basic computer knowledge you can start create your own video. But if you want professional quality for your NYC business, it will be best to think about NYC Corporate Videography. It will help your YouTube video to stand out.

First of all you have to register a Youtube account before you can upload your videos. Next, you need video recording tools such as webcams, cell phones, or camcorders. If you are using your cell phones, make sure it has video recording capabilities. For the best result digital camcorders is the best option than webcams.

Now you can start to create your own videos. You can make up to 10 minutes video blogs, how to video, comedy video, etc. You need to upgrade your account if your video longer than 10 minutes.

Make sure you have a good quality sound and lighting when making your video, so the visitor can actually understand your stories.

Sometimes you need a movie editing software to make a good quality video. With this software you can preview, edit, change, remove or add special effect to your videos. After editing process, save it into your computer in mp3, divx or xvid format. Now you can upload your videos to Youtube.com.

Once you're signed into your Youtube account, click on the 'upload video' link. Next, describe your video title and select the category, then click on the 'Upload a file' link. Select your video file from your computer, the uploading process will start automatically. The uploading process takes a few minutes or longer depends on your video file size and your internet connection speed. Your video should appear within 24 hours after uploading process complete. If you have any question about Youtube, they provide a help center to answer your problems.

Before uploading your videos, we advised that you have to examine the content of your videos. Don't make a negative or make fun someone races or religions because it may later back to haunt you.

Some YouTube videos end up getting thousands of visitors. While having thousands of visitors is awesome, you never know who and what their intentions viewing your videos. You have to be careful because some people may think that you want to be contacted, so we warn you not to give your personal information such as your phone number, your full name or where you live.
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