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Introducing The Top Five Best Carpet Cleaning Methods Used By carpet cleaner Newport beach

Nowadays, more homeowners with carpets installed in their homes hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company to give their carpets the perfect clean. Despite hiring their services though, it’s still best as a carpet owner to have some knowledge about the materials, chemicals and the cleaning methods used during the process.

As such, here are the top five carpet cleaning methods that a professional carpet cleaner Newport beach uses for their customers.

a) Hot water extraction

 Aka steam cleaning
 Uses high pressurized hot water to agitate carpet fibers and dissolve the dirt in it, and thoroughly rinsed afterwards
 Carpet is then left to dry at room or air conditioned temperature after a thorough rinsing
 Best done during the afternoon for overnight drying, Click Here - cleaningnewportbeach

b) Carpet shampooing

 Can clean heavily soiled carpets, but leaves high amount of foam residues on the carpet
 Residues take a long time to dry, eventually becomes sticky as it dries as it does not come with a rinsing process

c) Encapsulation

 Using synthetic detergents as base; eventually crystallizes into powder as it dries
 Dirt particles are then encapsulated in the powder when cleaning foam dries
 Uses lesser water, more environmental friendly and has shorter drying time as compared to shampooing
 Cannot thoroughly clean heavily soiled carpets

d) Bonnet cleaning method

 Cleans the top part of the carpet fibers using a heavy duty motorized machine equipped with a spinning pad immersed in cleansing solution
 Cleaning solution then absorbs the dirt from the carpet’s surface
 Popular in offices and hotels as it allows cleaning without moisture and dries quickly
 Can cause accumulation of chemical residue due to the pressure from the machine

e) Dry carpet cleaning

 Aka compound cleaning
 Involves application of a cleaning compound or powder into the bottom of the carpet using a motorized counter rotating brush
 Cleaning compounds are made from biodegradable materials that works like micro sponges

Feel free to ask your carpet installer on the appropriate cleaning methods for your carpet material.
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