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Imagine when you're online and see messages that immediately trigger your reaction, every single time. That's how trolls work online, basically they can just type whatever they want because they are completely protected by how online comments are designed in most platforms. But, what if we can change that for a better? With Answeriz now you can comment online without worrying too much of bumping with online trolls, or at least you can be very sure of having a more decent interaction with other commentators on any topic.

For example, Earth is Not Flat is a discussion that often gets the attention of trolls, and it is pretty much easy to just insult someone of opposite opinion but never had once this topic can be talked out in a healthy environment. And that's where Answeriz comes, features that split commentators and then make it easier to filter these comments.

Now, you can talk what you think about anything without worrying of meeting trolls online.
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